“I can’t say enough about my wonderful “OLIVER”!! I had been on a list for 2 years fro this breed, but never found the temperament I was looking for. I wanted it all! I am with MEDECINS SAN FRONTIERES so it was very important to have a dog that had the best of qualities. I found him and he is the best dog ever!!! I have been working with him from day one and he is so smart but most important was temperament and he is the most loving guy ever. I have never had to correct him more than once as he gets it the first time and always want to please. This family turns out one of the most remarkable dogs you will ever have the pleasure to own. It was also very important for me to have a family raised little one. The are VERY careful who gets their little guy’s and they are raised with 5 children in the most respectable home setting. They do 2 liters a year and they keep up with how their little ones are doing in their new homes, that was very important to me as well. Should you be lucky enough to be chosen to have one of their puppies you will have made a very good choice. Remember, this is a choice not to be taken lightly and will be with you a long time …..so congratulations if you should get one and be as happy as I am moment I look at my guy. Oh, he loves to cuddle and he is so good with my two 10lb service dogs I work with, one retired and 15. Oliver cleans their faces, and he shares everything and they play and hang out together. He does travel in the car with me everywhere and he stays put in his travel carrier opened. these are not aggressive a bit. They behave and just want to please. If you want any information further, please contact Jen and I will be happy to answer any questions and or sent you a video of my Oliver in action! Enjoy your best dog EVER!!!!”

Janice Matthews
24 Mar 2021

“We LOVED working with Prim Rose Labradoodles. Phoebe was the perfect addition to your family. She is SO smart, easy to train and her calm personality makes her perfect for our family with 2 crazy boys running around! We highly recommend going through Jen and Rob to adopt your new furry family member!”

Samantha and Gordon Guenther
13 Mar 2021

“We just want to start by saying thank you to Rob, Jen, and their family. If you love energetic, smart, and a very loving breed, we highly recommend Primrose Labradoodles! Our puppy, Rusty, is currently 16 weeks old and our experience from first contact to today has been terrific! Don’t know why we waited so long to add Rusty to our family! We love him and he loves us!!”

Jeanette Bowers
7 Mar 2021

“We are extremely happy with our puppy and Rob and Jen have been great. I highly recommend them and their puppies.”

Randy R
6 Mar 2021

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